Brain Damage - Dub Sessions

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Jarring Effects

Brain Damage - Dub Sessions
(Double LP vinyl / vocals & dubs)

A1: Zeb McQueen - What You Gonna Do?
A2: Learoy Green - We A Di Danger
A3: Brother Culture - Radical Plan
B1: Sir Jean - Royal Salute
B2: Madu Messenger - The Armies Of Darkness
B3: Parvez - No Solution

C1: What You Gonna Do? - Version
C2: We A Di Danger - Version
C3: Royal Salute - Version
D1: The Armies Of Darkness - Version
D2: Radical Plan - Version
D3: No Solution - Version

Produced by Brain Damage
Written and Performed by Martin Nathan
Recorded & Mixed at 7/11 Laboratory, Loaded Studio & JFX Studio


included a digital copy of the album
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