Weeding Dub - Another Night Another Day

18,00 €

Wise & Dubwise

A1: Another Night Another Day
A2: Make Dem Know feat. Dixie Peach
A3: Make Dem Dub part 4
A4: Rise Up feat. Oulda
A5: Rise Up part 2

B1: Let’s Go! feat. Nish Wadada
B2: Let’s Dub!
B3: Big Men Of This World feat. Oulda
B4: Big Dub Of This World
B5: Skankertainer feat. Little R

C1: Lion’s Claw
C2: Lion’s Claw part 3
C3: Artikal Steper
C4: Artikal Stepper part 2
C5: Artikal Stepper part 3

D1: Dub Soldier Forever & More
D2: Dubwise Forever & More
D3: Can’t Understand feat. Shanti D
D4: Can’t Understand part 4
D5: Afuryca

Recorded, produced & mixed by Weeding Dub at Weeding Dub Studio (Lille)
Distributed by Control Tower
Double LP Limited Edition


Plus de détails

Guitars by Bicen
Bass by Oulda
Trumpets by Sylvain Houset
Saxophone by Lionel Minetti
Percussions by MoveDem
A2 voiced @Backyard studio
B1 voiced @Blackboard Jungle studio
Drums on D5 by Nick Dalski
Mastered by Brice Marin
Artwork by Someone @Superstudio
Sleeve design by Jim Boquet
Good vibes by each & everyone