Zion Train - Land Of The Blind

18,00 €

Universal Egg

A1: Tranquility Through Humility
A2: Dirty Dunza / Go For It feat. Fitta Warri and Jazzmin Tutum
A3: We Are Water feat. Kathika R Abbit
B1: Words Of Wisdon
B2: No I.D feat Damian
B3: More and More feat. Kathika R Abbit

C1: Inner Vision
C2: Land Of The Blind feat. Jazzmin Tutum
C3: Roots Man Play / Permanent Pressure feat. Dub Dadda and Fitta Warri
D1: Seeds Of Change
D2: Raise A Dub feat. Longfingah
D3: Dry Your Tears
D4: The Great Flood - Gaia's Tears

Written and Produced by Neil Perch
Brass Recording by Adam at The Ark (London)
Mastering by Smok & Activator at Studio As One (Warsaw, Poland)

Melodica by Finn Todd
Flute by Don Fe
Trumpet by David Fullwood
Trombone by Lucas Petter
Alto Saxophone by Gianni Denitto
Binghi by Fitta Warri
Drum Kit by Vedran Meniga
All Others by Neil Perch