Soom T & Budz - Ode To A Karrot

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Khanti Records

A1: Easy Weed
A2: Matchbox Full Of Weed
A3: Booma Shiva
A4: A Kiss Is Sweet

B1: Light It
B2: Thank My Dealer
B3: Puff Dat Weed
B4: Dark Side Of The Doob

C1: Say Ganja
C2: Sticky Icky Budz feat. Jody Bigfoot)
C3: Weedy Hawks
C4: Junglo Peace

D1: Ganja Leaf
D2: Need Weed
D3: Budz (Trinity Lofi & Ichiyo)
D4: Oui Rant

Riddims by Manudigital, J Star, 8-Bit Squad, Konchis, Ichiyo
Produced by Renegade Masters UK under exclusive license to Khanti Records (France)
Mastering by Simon Capony at Basalte Studio
Mixing by Xavier Waks at Studio 31DB
Executive Producer: Farshad Emam

Legendary album from Soom T (and friends) Revisited 2017 !!!
New tunes, reprises, remixes and … a better sound !

Double LP vinyl, Gatefold cover