Idren Natural meets I David - Soulfull

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InI Oneness Foundation

A1 - Depth Of My Soul
A2 - Knowledge, Wisdom and Overstanding
A3 - Gideon Time
A4 - Soundman Culture
A5 - Soulfull
B1 - Depths Of Dub
B2 - Overstanding Dub Mix
B3 - Gideon Dub
B4 - Soundman Dub
B5 - Dub Soul

LP showcase Vocals & Dubs

Vocals by Idren Natural
Backings by Idren Natural and Wendem Jay
Arrangements, mixing and instruments played by I David
Guitars by Jamie Uptown Downton, Duncun Iron, Drax Darby and Fist Austin
Percussions by Jonah Dan
Voiced at Ten String Studio
Produced and Mixed at Guidance Studio
Mastered at Parelies

Marketed and Distributed by Control Tower

UK / France