Mighty Prophet - Warriors Dub

12,00 €

Higher Regions Records

01- Over The Dub
02- Prophet, Priest, Dub
03- Rastafari Dub
04- Calling Dub
05- Rebel Dub
06- Dub Like A Lion
07- Babylon Fallin Dub
08- Warriors Dub
09- Shashamane Dub Mix
10- Strength And Power Dub
11- Alpha And Omega Dub
12- Perilous Time Dub
13- Revelation Time Dub (Bonus Track)

Produced by Higher Regions
All tracks composed & arranged by Migthy Prophet at MW Studio (Italy)
Excepted track 4 composed by Ital Mick and arranged by Ital Mick and Mighty Prophet and track 9 composed & arranged by Ital Mick
All tracks mixed by Mighty Prophet Excepted tracks 1,2,3,4,5 mixed by Russ Disciples at Backyard Studio (London UK)
track 10 mixed by Chazbo at Conscious Sounds Studio (London UK)
track 13 mixed by King Alpha at King Alpha Studio (UK)

Distributed by Roots Traders (London) and Control Tower (France)