Best Of Deep Root Vol.1

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Deep Root

A1: Jah Free - Rod Of Correction
A2: Jah Free - Dub Of Correction
A3: Vibronics feat. Boney L - Jah Light Jah Love
A4: Vibronics - Jah Light Jah Dub

B1: Vibronics feat. Boney L - Positive Direction
B2: Vibronics - Positive Dub
B3: Abassi All Stars feat. Dubdadda
B4: Abassi All Stars - Dub The Border

C1: Abassi All Stars feat. Luciano - What We Gonna Do?
C2: Abassi All Stars - What We Gonna Dub?
C3: Zion Train feat. Devon Russell - Jah Holds The Key
C4: Zion Train - Jah Holds The Dub

D1: System Error feat. Michael Rose - Time Bomb
D2: System Error - Time Bomb Dub
D3: Slimmah Sound - Judgement Come
D4: Slimmah Sound - Judgement Dub

All tracks originally released on Deep Root Label from 1989 to 2007
Produced by Zion Train