Lion Roots Music 

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    Crucial Alphonso - Pressure SteppersA1: Mix 1 A2: Mix 2Crucial Alphonso feat. Mitya on Sax - Leaders Of North AfricaB1: Mix 1 B2: Mix 2Mixed and Composed by Crucial Alphonso at Roots Resolute Studio (Belgium)Produced by Steflion for Lion Roots MusicMastered by Yann Dub at Reverse PrimecutDistributed by Control TowerFrance2013

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    Shiloh Ites - Red Sea DubA1: Mix 1 A2: Mix 2Dub Bringer - World in TroubleB1: Mix 1B2: Mix 2 A side: Composed & Mixed by Iyah One at Shiloh Ites Studio (Sweden)B side: Composed & Mixed by Martin at Dub Bringer Studio (France)Produced by Lion Roots MusicDistributed by Control TowerFrance2014

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    A1: Birdy Nixon - Rankingston A2: Ras Khalil - Hail Him B1: Dub Version B2: RiddimComposed by Highly Seen Mixed by Yanok's at Highly Seen StudioProduced by Lion Roots Music Distributed by Control TowerFrance2015

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    A: Kenny Knots - Satisfy (Extended Mix)B: Princess Thundah - Wrong Road (Extended Mix)Mixed and produced by Iyah One at Shiloh Ites Studio (Malmö) for Lion Roots MusicFrance2010