Bass Revelation 

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    A1: Brother Dan - Kingdom RiseA2: Jah Massive - VersionA3: Jah Massive feat. Sax N Dub - Sax VersionB1: Sophie V - Words Of H.I.M.B2: Jah Massive feat. Sax N Dub - Sax VersionB3: Jah Massive - RawProduced and mixed by Jah Massive at Jah Massive Studio (Uppsala)Saxophone by Sax N DubKete drum by DubonstepSophie V voiced at Seven Records Studio...

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    A1: Ramon Judah - Rasta Is LoveA2: Conscious Sounds - Rasta Is DubA3: DubwiseB1: Ramon Judah - LionB2: Conscious Sounds - Lion DubB3: DubwiseProduced and mixed by Dougie Conscious at Conscious Sounds Studio (London)Executive Producers: Stefano Di Garzia, Dubonstep, Bass RevelationDistributed by Way To ZionMexico2020