Hytal Bosrah 

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    A1: Prince Jamo - Gracious order of divinty - Planned it A2: Izyah Davis - Look to Jah B1: Holy Mount Zion dub B2: Blackwell Rosenburg dub Produced by Prince Jamo at Blackrose Studio UK 2015

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    A1: Izyah Davis - Bible Stories A2: Coptic Sound - Bible Dub B1: Coptic Sound - Bible Rocker Dub B2: Coptic Sound - Bible Steppers DubProduced by Coptic Sound (Lille - Fr) Written by Izyah Davis UK2014

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    A1: Joseph Lalibela - Freedom FightersA2: VersionB1: King Stanley - IsraelB2: VersionMusic produced by King StanleyUK2016

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