Ras Tweed - Mek A Raise

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Salomon Heritage

A1: Kingdom Rise
A2: Nation Dub
A3: Afrikan People feat. Mulu
A4: Mek A Raise feat. Mulu

B1: Destiny Dub
B2: Lion Paw feat. Nish Wadada
B3: Roaring Dub
B4: I Am That I Am
B5: Kadmon Dub

All tracks written by Ras Tweed
Tracks 3,4,9,10 backed by Murray Man
Tracks 5,6 backed by Mulu
Voiced at Salomon Heritage Studio, excepted tracks 3 and 9 at Mellow Vibes Studio
Tracks 1,2,7,8 produced and mixed by JT at Kibir La Amlak Studio
Tracks 5 and 6 produced by Roots Powa and Mixed by JT at Kibir La Amlak Studio
Tracks 1 and 2 feauring I Jah Salomon on Saxophone
Mastered by Chazbo at Conscious Sounds
Artwork by Florence Rizo
Executive Producer Roots Arna for Salomon Heritage