Roots Tribe Showcase Volume II

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Roots Tribe

A1: Fitta Warri - Rasta Critics
A2: Slimmah Sound - Critical Dub
A3: Jah Melodie - This Iration
A4: Slimmah Sound - Iration Dub
A5: Lyrical Benjie - Zion I Resident
A6: Slimmah Sound - Dub Resident

B1: Teddy Dan - Kings Highway
B2: Slimmah Sound - Dub Road
B3: Zed I - Old Testament
B4: Slimmah Sound - Dub Scripture
B5: Kyle Sicarius - Truths And Rights
B6: Slimmah Sound - Righteous Dub

Produced by Tim ''Slimmah Sound'' Baumgarten at Roots Tribe Studio