STA - Goma

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Humo Records

A1: Prince Kosmos
A2: Corte
A3: Goma
A4: Malmo

B1: Fondo
B2: Splatter
B3: Roudof
B4: Dennis Dragon

Recorded at Holyrook Studio by Holy
excepted: Trumpets, melodica and keyboards recorded at La Isla Estudio by Pablo Miranda
Produced and Mixed by Pope
Mix Assistent: Gum
Mastering by : Xavier Alarcón
Graphic Design: Gato

STA are: Gato: Drums & Percussion, Loro: Bass & Percussion, Holy: Guitar & Voice, Gum: Synthesizers & Percussion , Pope: Trumpet, Melodica, Synthesizers & Keyboards, Nano: Saxhorn

180Gr Vinyl