Fikir Amlak meets King Alpha - Simply Warrior

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Akashic Records

01- Simply Warrior
02- Simply Dub
03- Hear Me Chant
04- Hear Me Dub
05- Ekos
06- Ekos Dub
07- Works
08- Works Dub
09- Ancient Man
10- Ancient Dub
11- Ever Ready
12- Ever Dub
13- Africa We Prefer
14- Africa We Dub
15- Awake
16- Awake Dub

Produced by Fikir Amlak, King Alpha and Mike B for Akashic Records
Music composed and mixed at King Alpha Studio (London)
Lyrics & Vocals by Fikir Amlak, recorded at Black Lion Sounds (Los Angeles, CA)

Distributed by I-Roots Records


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