Fikir Amlak & Go A Chant - Bless The Place

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Akashic Records

01: Bless The Place
02- Digitally Minded
03- Axum
04- I Best
05- In Time
06- True Love
07- Like A Lion
08- One Day
09- Forgive Me
10- Forgive Me Dub feat. Nomadix
11- Worthy
12- Worthy Dub feat. Addis Pablo

Produced by Ras Manel & Fikir Amlak
Executive Produced by Akashic Records
Music played by Go A Chant Band
Recorded and mixed by Ras Manel at Arkchant Studio (Barcelona)
Track 10 Dub Mix by Nomadix
Track 12 Dub Mix by Ojah Oscar, Melodica by Addis Pablo


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