Ras Teo meets Lone Ark - Ten Thousand Lions

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A-Lone Productions

A1: Country Living
A2: Mansa Musa
A3: Falasha
A4: Father House
A5: In My Vision
A6: Dem Ova Dweet
B1: Babylon Crooked
B2: Inna Mi Medi
B3: Bad Friday
B4: Down In The Garrison
B5: Highty Tighty
B6: D.N.A.

C1: Country Living Dub
C2: Mansa Musa Dub
C3: Falasha Dub
C4: Father House Dub
C5: In My Vision Dub
C6: Dem Ova Dweet Dub
D1: Babylon Crooked Dub
D2: Inna Mi Medi Dub
D3: Bad Friday Dub
D4: Down In The Garrison Dub
D5: Highty Tighty Dub
D6: D.N.A. Dub

Produced, recorded and mixed by Roberto Sanchez at A-Lone Ark Muzik Studio (Santander)
Voiced by Boi at Red Rum Studios (California)
Players of instruments: Lone Ark Riddim Force
Lyrics and lead vocals by Ras Teo
Double LP Vinyl