Red Robin 

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    A1: Midnight Riders - Outta RoadA2: Speng Bond - Dread Outta RoadA3: Naram - Dub Outta RoadB1: Steve Knight - Dem A FraudB2: Tippa Lee - Salute The VeteranB3: Naram - Fraudulent VersionProduced by Red RobinRiddim by Art & NaramDistributed by JahtariNew Zealand2017

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    A1: Midnight Riders - Bobby Was A GangsterA2: General Jah Mikey - Galang SelectorA3: Naram - Bobby's DubB1: General Jah Mikey - Ravers PartyB2: Junior Cat - Ram Dance PosseB3: Naram - Ravers DubProduced by Red RobinRiddim by NaramDrums by J.A.H.N.O on side ADistributed by JahtariNew Zealand2017

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    A: Tippa Lee - Dancehall Ram UpB: Naram - Boss RiddimProduced by Red RobinRiddim and mix by NaramNew Zealand2018

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    A1: Midnight Riders - Jealous WomanA2: Ranking Ann - Jealous ManA3: Naram - Jealous VersionB1: Earl Cunningham - War In The CityB2: Junior Cat - Stand Tall Ghetto YouthB3: Naram - Dub In The CityProduced by Red RobinSide A: riddim by Naram, guitar by YoniSide B: riddim by Naram & ArtNew Zealand2018

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