Tour De Force - Battle Cry + Battle Cry Remixed

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Dub-Stuy Records

01: Battle Cry (DJ Madd Remix)
02: Battle Cry (Double Tiger Remix)
03: Old Time Love (Dub Terminator Remix)
04: Old Time Love (Ondubground Remix)
05: Pool Party (Dubsworth Remix)
06: Pool Party feat. Jahdan Blakkamoore (Naram Remix)
07: Roots Lyrics (Brain Damage Remix)
08: Roots Lyrics(Adam Prescott Remix)
09: Strong To Survive (Hylu & Jago Remix)
10: A Little Bit More (Dubmatix Remix)
11: A Little Bit More (Dub Gabriel Remix)
12: Where Do We Go Wrong (B - No Remix)
13: Where Do We Go Wrong (Fogata Sounds Remix)
14: Where Do We Go Wrong (Reality Chant Remix)
15: The Traveler (Step-Art Remix)


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