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    A: Dan I Locks - Stop & Search B: Ashanti Selah & Dairy Dub - Dub & Search Produced & Arranged by Ashanti Selah & Dairy Dub Mixed by Ashanti Selah Voiced In Lions Den Studio (Malmö) Sweden 2015

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    A: Dan I Locks - Praise His Name B: Indica Dubs meets Conscious Sounds - Dub His Name Voiced In Lions Den Studio (Malmö - Sweden) Produced by Indica Dubs Mixed and co-produced by Dougie Conscious Sweden 2014

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    A1: Daniel A2: Daniel Dub A3: Deep In The Lions Den B1: My King Is Jah B2: Calling Of The Prophets B3: Prophets Of Dub Composed, mixed and produced by Ashanti Selah Vocals written and performed by Dan I Locks Voiced at The Lion's Den Studio (Malmö) Sweden2016

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    A: Shiloh Ites - Negusa Negast B: VersionProduced and mixed by Iyah One at Shiloh Ites StudioLimited Edition 300 copies Sweden 2017

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