Ras Mykha meets Mr Zebre - Welcome Ina Di Dance

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Patate Records

Showcase Style- Dubplate Mix

A1:The King
A2: The King Dub
A3: The Lighter
A4: The Dub Lighter
A5: Truth & Right
A6: Truth & Dub

B1: Red Eyes
B2: Red Eyes Ina Di Dub
B3: Welcome
B4: Welcome From Melodica feat. Noefree
B5: Be Wise
B6: Wise Dub

Produced by Patate Records
Co-produced by Ras Mykha & Mr Zebre
Lyrics by Ras Mykha Crying Soul Judah
Recorded at Meskel Studio
Music by Mr Zebre
Composed & Mixed at AKS Studio
Artwork by Ras Mykha